Monday, December 23, 2013

Entrepreneur Learns Deadly Lesson about Success One day I was at a barbershop when another guy there was already conversing with my barber. This guy must be in love with himself because he kept peering in the mirror he was holding and constantly brushing his hair. This 6-foot, 20-30-something, muscular pretty boy in a white t-shirt and jeans actually seem to be somewhat knowledgeable. As he and my barber were speaking, I would doze in and out of sleep, because I waited over 2 hours to get a haircut. Next time, I will make an appointment. When I finally sat in the barber chair, the guy told a story about a soon-to-be-entrepreneur. We’ll call this entrepreneur “Jake.” Jake had a soon-to-be-mentor. Let’s call him “Andrew.” Jake once told Andrew that he wanted to do big things in life. Andrew said, “Oh, yeah? Let’s meet up at the beach tomorrow and we can discuss your plans.” The next day, Jake wore a business suit as he walked to the picnic area of the beach and saw Andrew in a t-shirt with shorts. This is weird, Jake thought. The two seemed incompatible. Jake told Andrew a little more about what he wanted to do in life. They also discussed Jake’s weaknesses in life that may impair his success. That’s when Andrew made some sort of signal. Suddenly, Jake was surrounded by several guys. WTF, Jake thought to himself. All the men dragged and carried Jake to the sand area and threw him in the water, business suit in all. They were deliberately drowning him, allowing him to gasp for air in increments of a split of a second. Jake fought for his life, twisting and turning, arms flailing his arms wildly. But he was no match to the goons. After some time, Andrew finally told the other men to pull Jake out of the water. As Jake sat on the sand, his body shivered, water dripping down his face. He couldn’t speak. He was too busy taking fast, deep, and noisey breaths. Andrew looked at Jake and said, “Now you have an idea of what it means to be determined. As you were drowning, the only thing you were worried about was getting oxygen, right? As you were fighting for your life, you weren’t thinking about money or girls. You weren’t thinking about material things. You just wanted air. Now, apply this lesson to your business. Many people say they want to be a success, but they aren’t hungry enough. You gotta be hungry for this thing.” My barber and I looked at the storyteller and said our oohs and aahs. It was a great story. I’m not sure if it was a true story or something that actually happened. Crazy things like this do occur in life. I have to admit, though, I don’t have the story down to its accuracy as the storyteller said it. But the gist of it is precise. How do you feel about this story? Does it inspire you to be hungry? Christopher Patton Hot Bird Music The business and music development services at helps you beat 90% of musicians and companies that fail.

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